The newly launched online casino, VegasRush Casino offers mobile casinos, lottery, and games through the use of Rival as well as the Betsoft software. However, VegasRush is not much different from the Hallmark Casino. Being launched by the Hallmark Group, they have developed almost the same features as that of Hallmark Casino.

Thus, it will be easy for you to play VegasRush Casino if you have experience in Hallmark Casino. You are assured of unique vintage vegas themes, VIP programs and neon lights that will earn you a great experience. Moreover, this gambling den is incorporated with some incredible sound effects that ensure every player enjoys their games.

However, VegasRush Casino has no licensing. But you are required to visit their site so that you can sign in to proceed with your gaming activities. The only thing you have to do is to fill in your details and sign up in to become a member of VegasRush Casino. The registration process is free making it cheap for users to access the casino.

VegasRush uses the English language, which most people understand and thus it is not restricted to a particular group only. Not only from the United States you can play the games provided by VegasRush, but it also accepts users from a wide range of countries, and you can click on their website to see if your country is included in their list. But you must be an adult for you to play their games.


Providing at least 240 games and slots, VegasRush Casino allows you to access the games through online platforms. No need to download VegasRush Casino. As stated above, you only need to click on their site and log in to play their games. The best thing is that if you love playing your games on mobile phones or tablets, this casino is compatible with phones and tablets.

Besides, they have incorporated fascinating soundtracks and 3D sound graphics that drive away boredom. They have adopted a high-security technology and all users’ information, the encryption of 128 bit encrypts transactions and communications.


VegasRush Casino offers more than bonuses to its players, and you have the possibility of winning a jackpot as you play. The jackpots slots are available for play using both offline and online machines. As such, anyone can get a chance to win the jackpots of irrespective whether he or she is doing it over the internet or on the already established platform.

Payment and Transactions

VegasRush allows you to make the following payments;

  • U.S. Dollars
  • Bitcoins

Banking withdrawal and deposit methods include;

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Wire transfer
  • Cheque
  • Visa Debit

VegasRush Casino does not accept solid cash, and you have to adhere to the above methods of payment for you to place a wager. The same applies when it comes to redeeming bonuses and promotions. Bitcoins payments are the latest casino payment methods, and some VegasRush Casino users may find it tricky to use them.

However, the procedures are simple and clear, and they come in handy with many and incredible benefits. Unlike the above conventional online casino payment methods, bitcoins offers you a fast transaction experience and will your house edge. However, whatever payment method you select, you are assured of not more than fifteen days of payment approval with VegasRush Casino.


Players are limited from redeeming promotional offers when they have pending balances. Promotional offers can never be united. However, if an error occurs and you obtain the promotions, the winning will be canceled. VegasRush provides promotional coupons, and mostly they are Free Chips. But you can withdraw 1x free chip. Rules and conditions are set to control the promotion withdrawals, and every player must follow them.

For instance, you cannot withdraw more free chips than what the casino has offered you. However, the rules vary depending on the game that you are playing. All promotions of the VegasRush Casinos are recorded in the North America time, UTC five hours. So, ensure you check the time before claiming for bonuses.


Just like in the case of payments, VegasRush Casino bonuses cannot be acquired in cash. They only enable you to create winnings and improve your play. Once you get the bonuses, you can only deduct them from winnings. VegasRush Casino provides their players for claiming their bonuses before they place wagers using deposits.

In case you have problems in claiming of rewards, VegasRush Casino offers you a customer care service that will help you out throughout the process. The more you play this casino games, the more you are likely to get the daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. They have huge payouts. You may also win free slots.

New Live Games

VegasRush Casino offers several slot games that can keep each player occupied as long as they want. All the slots are accessible for paid and free games whereby you can access them by downloading the app on an Android or iPhone device. The software was last updated in the year 2017 where a few of the slots were added.

However, new a new slot is added every month, and you can download it to your device of choice.

Mobile Games

The VegasRush Casino software is compatible with most mobile phones that use Android or iOS. With such a device, you can download the game from reliable sites. This makes it possible for casino lovers to play the games at the comfort of their workplace or home depending on their preference. The opportunity to play the game when on offline makes it one of the most preferred casino games in the entire casino gaming industry.

Games Offered

The game offers more than 20 genuine slots, and the number could increase with time. Once you have downloaded it, you can choose which slot you want to play. Both live and offline games are accessible from the app.

Player Support

The VegasRush Casino website has a support team that is available online for 24 hours. Any player is experiencing difficulties when playing the game can contact them and get immediate assistance. The game has some encryptions that ensure your money is safe when playing or not playing. Cases of insecurity are rare in this game hence making it a sure of winning and collecting your money.

Pros of VegasRush Casino

  • A standby support team for 24 hours
  • Can be played when offline
  • No downloads
  • It is secure because of the encryptions
  • New slots are introduced every month making the game more adventurous

Cons of VegasRush Casino

  • You cannot use cash when playing the game. The players are required to use Bitcoins or U.S dollars limiting players from other countries from making good profits.
  • It has no gaming license. Depositing your money into a gaming company that has no license is a great economic risk. Sometimes, the government might crack a whip and disband such companies making you lose significant amounts.
  • The withdrawal fees are high going up to $ 40 per transaction. This can deter people from participating in live games because most of their winnings go to the transaction costs.

The Bottom Line

Even though VegasRush Casino is still new in the gaming industry, the developers are trying to add more features to the game. People who have tried in the past have experienced its ups and downs as explained above but it remains to be one of the best innovations in casino games. Moreover, you can choose to play a live game where you can make earnings or play the free game for your entertainment.