Arizona Sports Betting: Many states have joined the movement of legalizing sports betting as we have seen companies like DraftKings post record revenue to their latest earnings call. West Virginia has recently joined the trend. This is big as offshore betting sites have a lot more competition on their hands and it seems like Arizona could join as the bill moves to the senate.

With the global pandemic prohibiting most fans from going to most venues around the country, many teams especially smaller market teams have taken a hit whether it be due to the lack of TV deals, not having enough money to keep all their employees, or whatever the circumstance may be.

The passing of the bill will mostly have a few positive impacts and a few drawbacks. However, there are some obstacles that currently stand in the way.

The Barriers

The Governor of Arizona, continues to work with the Tribes of Arizona to get legal sports betting in the state in 2021 through Senate Bill 1797. The new legislation has an obstacle to deal with which is overcoming the barriers set by the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compacts in 2002. A casino was allowed, but no sports book was allowed to be used on and off tribal land which made a lot people used offshore websites to beat the system.

The Senate also combined two bills that does not help the state’s case. The Senate combined sports betting bill with a historical horse racing bill which could cause big issues with the Tribes that were in favor of legal sportsbooks. A similar issue is currently going on in the state of Minnesota.

The Background Of The Bill

Senate Bill 1794 is a bill that initially put historical horse racing kiosks at race tracks and OTB establishments throughout the state of Arizona. The new bill (HB 2772 and SB 1797) would change a lot of things that would make a lot of bettors leave their offshore site or local book.

This would allow wagering with up to 10 tribes and 10 professional teams licensed to provide online betting platforms.

The Effect On Small Bussinesses

With every positive comes drawbacks. This bill would not allow restaurants to license online sports books.the president of Arizona Licensed Beverage Association, Dave Delos, stated that,” Politicians voting on this should add an amendment to allow bars and restaurants to operate with gambling licenses.” The bill is good for the state, but many business owners hope that they can get something out of it after many businesses took huge losses.

New Jersey’s Govenor tweeted that pre game wagering on the Chiefs and Patriots Super Bowl game tallied upwards of $117.4 million, which was a 116% increase from last year’s game. If this bill helps small businesses and the cities around the state, the bill will be very popular.

Fans At The Games

With fans slowly coming back to capacity by the year 2022, fans will be amped up to spend as they waited almost two years. A lot of fans will be betting while at a Suns, Diamondbacks etc. Platforms like BETMGM, Fanduel, and DraftKings will most likely be the first ones to enter the state. The Arizona State Legislature will be meetingthis year on April 24.