In recent years, sports gambling has gained in popularity all across the globe and the online sportsbooks have noticed. Competition for gambling action grows everyday with not only more sportsbooks popping all over the internet, but with the well established gambling sites reaching out in new and innovative ways to secure more and more customers. This all plays into the customers hands, of course. A free market loves good competition afterall. With all of these options, it’s important to research as much as you can to find the right site for you and BetDSI may just be the option you are looking for. Let’s see how it stacks up as a whole when compared to the rest of the competition.

History & Background

BetDSI has been around for years now and is one of the most popular online gambling sites you will find. It was actually founded way back in 1998 and over the years has won award after award proving not only their legitimacy but also their commitment to their customers. Due to BetDSI’s large international draw, their monthly trading volume is well over $100 million. A huge number for any online gambling site. BetDSI is a full site too. Complete with a sportsbook, racebook, casino, and esports. They offer promotions, contests, and even a rewards program. BetDSI is a big site with a ton of experience and has plenty to offer its users.

PROS: Reasons to Bet at BetDSI

  • Many International Sports
  • Bitcoin
  • High Limits

Due to its international popularity, BetDSI carries many sports other sites ignore. You can find much more than just Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball here. Cricket, Darts, Handball, Rugby, and Soccer are all available everyday. BetDSI also has wagering on esports which is very good to see as esports is growing in popularity everyday.

Not every online gambling site has caught on to the cryptocurrency craze as of yet but BetDSI has and it makes deposits and withdrawals super easy. Deposits go through immediately giving your account the boost you need when you need it which is great. The real difference maker though is for Withdrawals. There are no fees for Bitcoin Withdrawals. There is no wait for Bitcoin Withdrawal. Not many sites will do that for you. Bitcoin is definitely the way to go.

BetDSI has some of the highest limits available and caters to high-rollers consistently. Having such high limits helps no only in getting bigger wagers but also with getting good lines and good odds. Big players do the work. They don’t play sportsbooks with low limits and bad odds. BetDSI is not one of those places.

CONS: Areas of Improvement for BetDSI

  • Steep Withdrawal Fees
  • Few Bonuses
  • No Live Dealer in Casino
  • Dated Interface

Every online gambling site has rules and regulations regarding their policy on withdrawals. And handling fees are always a part of them. That said, BetDSI is on the steeper side with the fees they apply when making a Withdrawal. Also, you are only able to make a Withdrawal once a week. When it comes to the best online gambling sites, it should be as cheap and easy to withdraw your money as it is to deposit it. BetDSI falls short here unless you are using Bitcoin.

Bonuses are another industry standard you’ll see on every gambling site. While BetDSI does have bonuses, they just don’t carry too many. They give you the basics like Welcome bonus and Bitcoin bonuses but, unfortunately, not much else.

Many online gambling sites are now offering “Live Dealers” in their casinos these days and, somehow, BetDSI is not. The Live Dealer angle gives much more legitimacy to the table games available. Online casinos have a terrible reputations and the Live Dealer option is trying to rectify that. BetDSI would be wise to get onboard with it as soon as they can.

Unfortunately, the whole interface of BetDSI seems dated. The interface and site is easy to use and navigate however it just does not look as good or clean as many new sites. A good site will keep its interface up-to-date and looking fresh to let customers know their business is important to them. Like having a well-maintained lobby, a well-maintained interface is important.

Bonus Details

100% New Member Bonus – Simply by signing up with BetDSI you will receive a bonus directly into your account. A matching bonus of 50% for sports gambling and a matching bonus of 50% for the casino as well. Good up to $500 each.

Cash Back Loyalty Betpoints – You’ll get cash back on every wager. Win, lose, or draw.

Reload Bonus – Anytime you are low on funds and need to refill your account, BetDSI will give you a 30% matching bonus up to $2500.

100% Casino Bonus – If you join BetDSI or Diamond Casinos, you will receive a 100% Casino Bonus the same day.

10% Back on Daily Casino Net – You can get 10% back on Casino net everyday on both of BetDSI’s options.

Bitcoin Promotions – Depositing with Bitcoin or Altcoin will earn you a one-time 100% matching bonus on your initial deposit and 30% on any following deposit. Using Bitcoin at BetDSI is the way to go. Not only is depositing easy but there are great bonuses and free withdrawals.

Rewards Program – The Rewards program is as sophisticated as it is easy to follow. You’re automatically signed up for it once you’ve created an account. Then, you earn points for every wager you play. As those points accumulate, you can not only cash them out for rebates but you also move up the tiered system. The higher tier you reach, the more of a rebate you receive.

Banking Options

Making a deposit with BetDSI is very simple. They accept Bitcoin, Altcoin and, most major Credit Cards. U.S. dollars, Euros, as well as the British Pound are all accepted.

Customer Support

BetDSI has always taken Customer Service and Support seriously and has been a leader in the field for many years. They have very good and highly specific FAQs available on the site with videos and a customer service center available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email.

Public View

BetDSI is very popular in the online gambling world with an emphasis on world. No other site has the international appeal of BetDSI. They go out of their way to include as many sports, games, and events as they can from all over the globe and the gambling public has noticed. It’s longevity speaks for itself as well. You don’t make it in this business for twenty years without doing something right and keeping your customers happy.


BetDSI is definitely here to stay as they’ve proven time and again in their twenty year history that they are able to adapt, innovate, and provide the kind of service their customers need. Can they do better? Yes. There are a few blind spots on the site which could stand to be redone or updated. More bonuses would be nice and a sleeker interface would go a long way in building an even larger user base. That said, the site still remains a great option in for all your online gambling needs. As stated above, it is a very competitive time for online gambling and sites have to adapt and maintain in order to survive. BetDSI may be a step behind as of right now but we fully expect them to rebound in the near future.